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comedian-performance-3-2What’s really keeping you from making rapid progress in your stand-up comedy adventures?

Get The Questions You Need Answered NOW About How To Succeed As A Comedian

How much further could you go in reaching your stand-up comedy dreams and goals given the right information?

From the desk of:
Steve Roye
Pro Comedian Trainer & Consultant

Dear Fellow (or Future) Comedian,

I know from my own experience that there is no bigger thrill on the planet than to make an audience laugh and laugh hard. It’s electrifying!

There are few things that can even come close to the acceptance, appreciation and instant gratification that you can experience from being completely responsible for entertaining a group of people by creating huge laughter.

But I also know that if you are seriously considering getting involved in stand-up comedy or you’ve been doing it already…

question-mrk1Then the chances are very good that you have important questions that you need answered right now. Important questions like:

What do I talk about on stage?

How do I get started developing a comedy act?

How can I easily remember my comedy material?

How can I get rid of nervousness before I get on stage?

How can I improve my delivery?

If you have already been involved in stand-up comedy for awhile, you may also have important questions like:

How can I make my comedy material funnier?

How can I add more punchlines to my comedy material?

How do I come up with better jokes?

How can I improve my timing?

How do I handle hecklers?

The reason that I am confident that you may have these questions (and many others) is very simple…

Most so-called stand-up comedy “experts” don’t know how to answer most of your questions effectively to help you get results you want.

I know from first hand experience that the chances are very good that you may have already suffered through at least one book on stand-up comedy (probably more) or you may have taken a workshop or two to try to get the answers to the questions that you still have.

One of the reasons that you may continue to have important, unanswered questions about stand-up comedy is because much of the information that is distributed by the established “experts” is INACCURATE, OUT-DATED or NOT ACTIONABLE.

Let me explain what I mean by that…

Common Stand-up Comedy Myths

Here are just a few examples of some common stand-up comedy myths circulated by some of the more recognized stand-up comedy “experts” out there today:

Myth #1: The primary means of producing comedy material and making it funny is by using “joke formulas.”

facts-myths6Fact: Knowing “joke formulas” WON’T help to make anyone funny on stage as a comedian. As a matter of fact, they are all but worthless for producing stand-up comedy material that will actually work and here’s why:

ANYONE can pick the horse that won after the race is over. ANYONE can pick the team that won the game after the game is over. None of this sort of “after-the-fact” information is any help whatsoever in showing someone how to pick a winning horse or team before the event has already happened.

Joke formulas are nothing more than an “after-the-fact” identification of similar “techniques” used in stand-up comedy routines by a variety of comedians.

While that may be great for identification purposes, it does NOTHING to help a comedian produce their own unique stand-up comedy material relative to who they are, how they talk, the expressions they use, etc.

Myth #2: Jokes are developed one at a time on paper. The more jokes you write, the more “good” ones you will “find.”

Fact: This whole notion of working on single jokes, one at a time and then attempting to “connect” them in some meaningful way that will generate big laughs is a very old, worn out and largely ineffective concept.

When I say old, I’m talking 30 to 50 years old (even older if you go back to Vaudeville times when they basically used the same methodology).

Jokes written on paper may “read” funny but can — and will — flop on stage. Why?

First of all, we “write” differently than we actually talk. It’s a completely different form of communication than “writing” in the literary sense.

Secondly, an audience is not going to “read” your act — they are going to experience it, the way you deliver it to them.

Trying to “write” funny jokes from thin air, “stringing” them together and expecting big laughs on stage is much like trying to eat soup with a toothpick.

But you DON’T have to be a great “joke writer” to develop and deliver super funny stand-up comedy material for the stage.

Myth #3: If you tell a story, you are not doing stand-up. Stories are not jokes and they don’t work on the stand-up comedy stage.

Fact: One of the most prolific stand-up comedy “experts” continues to spread this sort of mythical nonsense year after year.

facts-myths6Unfortunately, this “expert” has failed to recognize that some of the most successful comedians, including Bill Cosby, Jeff Foxworthy, Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Allen, Eddie Izzard, Bill Engvall, Ron White, Larry The Cable Guy (just to mention a very few) all use a conversational stand-up comedy style that involves “story telling”.

“Stories” allow you to stay on a single topic longer. Because the audience already knows what your “story” or topic is about, you automatically use less words as you continue to tell your “story”.

Less set-up words and set-up lines equate to more frequent punchlines and allows you to quickly gain the momentum you need to “get on a roll”.

Let me make it clear as a bell that you ABSOLUTELY can tell stories as a stand-up comedian, provided they are properly structured to get a minimum of 4-6+ laughs per minute.

But don’t take my word for it…

Verify What I Am Telling You For Yourself

reviewCheck out what all the so-called comedy ” gurus” have to say for yourself FIRST, before you try anything I have to offer. See if you can make their “secrets” and techniques work for you.

I honestly wish you the best of luck. I’ve got a Masters Degree and I couldn’t figure out how to make their methods work for me.

Not only that…

I spent literally hundreds of dollars on every stand-up comedy book and workshop I could get my hands on in the process when I first started out.

But I can say this with great confidence:

By the time you do get through everyone else’s stuff and find out that what they have to offer won’t work you, you may have already had your fill of the typical “blind trial and error” process most comedians end up using to FAIL on stage.

I know from first hand experience having almost quit myself after 9 months of getting nowhere fast with my stand-up comedy.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t make the conventional stand-up comedy “expert” information work for me on stage, even though I could make a classroom full of people laugh so hard it would disturb other classes.

This prompted me to develop a system over a decade ago for producing, refining and delivering stand-up comedy material that is now used by literally thousands of comedians around the world today.

If you have been involved in stand-up comedy anytime at all, you may have even heard of it — it’s called the Killer Stand-up Comedy System that is provided in an extensive and detailed online course.

But I also need to let you know…

I never set out with a goal to become a stand-up comedy “expert” or teacher, much less one who is known all over the planet.

All I was trying to do was to get the biggest laughs on stage that I possibly could. When I did kill the audience consistently, comedians started seeking me out for my secrets, techniques and methods.

At this point, you are probably wondering…

Who in the heck is this Steve Roye character? For a little bit of info about me, click here.

Once you check out my experience and credentials, you will better understand why I am interested in helping you…

Get Your Questions Answered

Here’s what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Individuals who truly have comedy talent can make far more headway in reaching their stand-up comedy dreams and goals if they have access to accurate and actionable information.

That’s why I developed the Comedy Pro Membership program which is designed to provide a professional platform for motivated individuals to:

Get continuing access to exclusive information about a wide variety of stand-up comedy topics and…

Provide a means for members to ask and get answers to stand-up comedy related questions they may have.

The Comedy Pro Membership program is geared specifically for individuals who are:

  • Not yet comedians but are considering taking a shot at stand-up comedy for the very first time and want to improve their chances of success before they set foot on stage
  • New comedians and want solid and actionable information to improve their progress as a comedian
  • Killer Stand-up Online Course Members who want the added ability to ask questions and get answers on demand

If you feel that the Comedy Pro Membership program may be just what you need, here are some additional details…

A Few Member Comments:

Loading Quotes...

Exclusive Membership Content

The core of the Comedy Pro Membership Program is a collection of detailed lessons and articles covering a wide range of topics, strategies, information, tips and techniques that are simply not available from any other source.

Access to the 7 most current lessons/articles are always available to members in the Comedy Pro Members Area.

Every 48 hours, a new lesson or article is made available in the Members Area from a database of over 100 lessons and articles.

Members also get access to an additional Featured Lesson each month.

Note: That’s access to 23 unique lessons/articles available for review during the first 30 days of membership alone and access to 16 new lessons/articles (including the Featured Lesson) delivered to Members each subsequent month.

article-screen-shot3Lesson and article topics include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Comedy Material Development
  • Performing Strategies
  • Open Mic Success
  • Performance Improvement
  • Self-promotion & Marketing
  • And much more

A brief preview of the latest 7 lessons/articles available to all Comedy Pro Members can be found on the Members Content page.

But that’s just the beginning of what’s in store…

new-feature1Asking Questions And Getting The Answers You Need

What if you have questions related to the Members articles or lessons? Not a problem because…

At the bottom of every article or lesson you will find an Ask a Question system, which also displays the latest 3 questions asked site wide:


All questions asked using the Ask a Question system are answered personally by me within 6-12 hours, along with answers and comments that Comedy Pro Members may want to contribute.

But what if your stand-up comedy question is not related to an article or lesson? No worries! You need only visit…

new-feature1 The Question Center

In addition to the Ask a Question feature at the bottom of Members content…

The Question Center provides and additional platform for all Comedy Pro Members to ask ANY stand-up comedy related questions they may have and get answers to those questions by me and by any other Members who wish to contribute:


I challenge you to find a better system ANYWHERE to get the answers you need NOW to your most important stand-up comedy questions and guidance you need to move as fast as possible in the world of stand-up comedy.

Value Added Discount Credit (Up To $100 Value)

special-bonus1The Comedy Pro Membership program is designed as a solid starting point for new and prospective comedians — one which also provides a platform to get stand-up comedy questions answered.

But I am also aware that at some point, individuals may want access to the extensive, step-by-step information that is made available in the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

Subsequently, each completed month Comedy Pro Members automatically accumulate a $25 discount credit towards the registration fee for the Killer Stand-up Online Course (up to $100 maximum discount credit).

In other words, active Comedy Pro Members may request a registration discount for the Killer Stand-up Online Course using the following schedule:

Completed month 1 – $25 discount eligible
Completed month 2 – $50 discount eligible
Completed month 3 – $75 Discount eligible
Completed month 4 and beyond – $100 discount eligible

The form to request a discount credit is located in the Comedy Pro Members Area. This discount credit is offered as a stand alone benefit to active Comedy Pro Members only and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.

I hope that it is obvious that if you are serious about stand-up comedy, then I am serious about helping you get access to the resources you need to succeed.

If you have gotten this far, the very next question on your mind should be…

What Does The Comedy Pro Membership Program Cost?


With the Comedy Pro Membership program, active Members get access to exclusive content every 48 hours.

Members also have the ability to ask as many questions as they want to ask to get the answers they need when they need them.

And once a Member for just 30 days, active Members accumulate a $25 credit each month (up to $100) that they can redeem for a registration discount for the Killer Stand-up Online Course.

So let me ask you — what is that really worth — from the stand point of getting your questions answered, increasing your stand-up comedy knowledge and increasing your chances of success as a comedian?

Well, you might be surprised to know that you can currently become a Comedy Pro Member for a low registration rate of just $19.95 $9.95 per month (limited time offer).

But that’s not all. As a Comedy Pro Member you also get…

My No Risk, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

All new membership registrations also come with a 30 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Comedy Pro Membership, simply contact us within your first 30 days of membership and we will refund your initial membership dues – no questions asked.

Comedy Pro Members may cancel their membership at any time.

Please review the Terms of Service for additional information.

But before you make the decision to become a Comedy Pro Member…

Do Some Research FIRST

find-outPlease keep in mind that the Comedy Pro Membership Program is provided as an exclusive information delivery platform and Q&A communication platform for Members — for those who have the drive, desire, talent, along with the motivation to learn how to do comedy on a professional level, improve their chances of success as a comedian and to entertain audiences at the highest level possible.

Subsequently, here are some things that you may want to do now before you make the decision to become a Comedy Pro Member to make sure this program is right for you:

1. There are 3 public access articles available to you now that you may want to review:

2. If you haven’t done so, you may want to find who I am and what my qualifications are as a stand-up comedy educator and pro comedian trainer.

3. Check out the Success Stories section on Every comedian listed there has used the information provided in the Comedy Pro Membership Program to get the results that they were trying to achieve.

4. Do some online research. See if you can find anything that even comes close to the value (and affordability) provided to Comedy Pro Members.

After that, if you feel that the Comedy Pro Membership Program is right for you…

The Registration Process

using-paypal-2Comedy Pro Membership registrations are processed securely using PayPal (a PayPal account is not required to register).

Returning Members: You will need to have your previous membership username and password available BEFORE you re-register. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me directly using the Support link above.

reg-screen-shot-2Once your membership payment has been successfully processed, you will be redirected to a special registration page to establish your Comedy Pro Member account.

After you have established your Comedy Pro Member account, you will then be able to login to access to the most current lessons/articles available, the monthly featured lesson and access to the Ask a Question platform for any questions you may have.

Important: It can take up to 15 seconds for a new member account to be established – please be patient and don’t navigate away from the screen while this process takes place!

In the event you should encounter any issues during the registration process, don’t panic!

Simply use the Support link in the navigation at the top of this page to contact us. We can usually have your Comedy Pro Membership account issues resolved in just a few hours.

Become A Comedy Pro Member Today

If you feel that the Comedy Pro Membership Program is right for you…

Click the button below to begin the registration process to become a Comedy Pro Member and join an exclusive community of talented and motivated individuals just like you who are striving to realize their comedy goals and ambitions in the shortest time possible.

You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

Just $9.95/Month (Limited Time Offer)
NO Long Term Commitment Required


Thank you for your interest in the Comedy Pro Membership Program and I look forward to helping you learn how to do stand-up comedy at the highest level possible and to reach your comedy goals as quickly as possible in the very near future!

To Your Rapid Comedy Success,

Steve Roye
Founder, Comedy Pro Membership Program and
The Killer Stand-up Online Course

P.S. Anyone can “wing it” or try using the “conventional”, out-of-date stand-up comedy information that most comedians work with in order to perform poorly on the stand-up comedy stage and move at a snail’s pace when it comes to becoming a pro comedian.

You need only attend ANY comedy open mic to see for yourself exactly what I am talking about.

But if your goal is to become a professional comedian, you want to significantly improve your chances of stand-up comedy success and you want to have a competitive edge over other comedians, I hope you seriously consider becoming a Comedy Pro Member. :-)

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